Rewarded Video

Users can earn in-app currency while you earn real world revenue

Users, Advertisers & you win

Everyone Wins

Publishers leveraging rewarded video ads get a triple win. The user receives in-app currency, the advertiser has the user’s undivided attention, and you the publisher earn more revenue as a result.

Improved Experience

Better UI/UX

Rewarded video placements allow the user to choose when to view an ad, thereby improving user engagement and the user experience isn’t interrupted.

Earn $ from your entire audience

Monetize your Audience

Research indicates that 95% of users are unwilling to purchase apps or currency. With rewarded video, you can monetize the rest of your non-paying user base.

It’s Free

How to get Started

Sign up free for Aerserv and add your app

Select Rewarded Video

Integrate the AerServe SDK Server

No SDK Needed

Video Ad Options
with No SDK

We give you the power to run non-rewarded video ads too! This means advertisers can run video ads in your app and you don’t have to install our SDK. We support these formats:

  • Video Asset (MP4, 3GPP)
  • VAST 2.0 Wrapper
  • VAST 2.0 Inline TG
  • VPaid (JS File)