Mobile publishers want to maximize the value of each ad impression. Advertisers want to target users and buy with pinpoint accuracy while getting access to all inventory. Enter OpenAuction, the industry’s first server-side solution for in-app header bidding.

OpenAuction | More Competitive Results

What is In-App Header Bidding?

While mobile apps have no header, the two main benefits of header bidding can be brought to the app environment: a simultaneous auction for all buyers, and dynamic pricing based on the individual impression.

OpenAuction, AerServ’s proprietary in-app header bidding technology, enables publishers to make their inventory available to all buyers simultaneously, breaking away from the traditional waterfall approach. These buyers can then evaluate the ad opportunity, and choose to submit bids or dynamic prices for each impression.

The results are tremendous: publishers get a more competitive auction, and buyers get increased access and the ability to price inventory efficiently.

Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls

Traditional Waterfall Bidding vs OpenAuction Header Bidding

Traditional Waterfall Bidding

The traditional waterfall mechanics are antiquated and yield lower revenue for the publisher.

OpenAuction Header Bidding

With AerServ mobile publishers generate more revenue from their ad inventory with the industry’s first simultaneous and dynamic priced mobile advertising auction.

A Unified Approach

A Wholly Inclusive Mediation Platform

Bids from all ad sources are included in the unified auction. Whether the buyer is integrated via SDK adapter, openRTB, API, or through a VAST/JS tag, a bid is retrieved and included in the auction.

  • Reduced Latency
  • True Price per Impression
  • Increase inventory to each partner
  • Decrease time managing a waterfall





Increase Competition. Increase Revenue. Increase Fill Rate. Increase CPMs.