Mobile Ad Mediation

A new way to maximize your ad revenue and optimize your ad inventory. AerServ’s ad mediation combines innovative monetization technology and automation with best-in-class hands on support from a team that cares about your success. AerServ’s innovative OpenAuction technology brings a new twist to ad mediation, giving publishers the best possible results

  • AerServ Dashboard
  • Manage Inventory
  • Auction Management
  • Reporting

AerServ Dashboard


AerServ Dashboard

Whether you work with two, ten, or twenty ad networks take action with a comprehensive view of your earnings and performance.

Manage Inventory


Manage Inventory

We take the hard work out of managing multiple integrations and give you the power to run Banners, MRAID, videos, or static interstitials from one ad placement.

Auction Management


Auction Management

Get full transparency into your unified auctions, with unique data points and insights for optimization. Take control by creating prioritization buckets, or let AutoPilot optimize for you.




Slice and dice your data to identify trends, view reports by ad source, GEO, placement, ad unit, and much more.

Friendly Faces

Customer Support

We’ve got a team of experts ready to help you earn more from your mobile inventory. No matter the issue, our team will go above and beyond to ensure you have a pain-free and seamless experience with AerServ.

Unified Auction

The industry’s only ad mediation platform with a simultaneous, unified auction. Say goodbye to waterfalls, and hello to a new way of managing ad networks. With OpenAuction, all ad networks compete in a simultaneous, unified auction, resulting in increased bid competition per ad request.

Centralized Reporting

View data from all of your ad networks in one, centralized reporting system. AerServ aggregates reporting data from all your ad network connections, and gives you robust reporting tools to give you a clear view of your monetization stack.

Automated Optimization

Let our AutoPilot programmatic optimization do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Our algorithm uses a wealth of historical and real-time data to determine the best ad to serve for each request with the goal of making you the most revenue possible.

Real-Time Dashboard

Get quick insights into the metrics that really matter. Our real-time dashboard highlights key performance indicators across all of your apps, ad units, and more.

Demand Diversification

AerServ offers the widest variety of ad network connections to choose from. Diversify your demand by integrating ad networks offering brand ads, performance ads, local ads, specialty networks, and more.

Integration via SDK + RTB + PMP + API + Tag + Assets

Whether you want to integrate an ad network via SDK adapter, RTB, API, tag, raw assets, or even through a PMP, our platform has the tools for you. All demand sources compete in the same unified auction, regardless of integration type.

Server & Client Side Caching

Our unique blend of server-side and client-side ad caching technology guarantee an ad is there when you need it.

All the Control is Yours

We put the power in your hands to design the ad experience best for your app. Use server-side tools to control interstitial and video skip options, manage advertisers and creative quality, refresh rates, and more.

Innovate or Die Spirit

We constantly push the needle, driving innovative new ad products to help you drive more revenue.