Full Screen Interstitial Ads

Harness the power of programmatic advertising to see your ad monetization efforts truly take off. With Programmatic, hundreds of advertisers, and thousands of campaigns will be competing for your ad inventory,


What are Interstitial Ads?

Interstitial ads are full screen advertisements, either interactive or static, that consume the entire device screen, normally shown within natural points within the app flow. Interstitial ads are commonly integrated in between levels of a game, after a user completes a round or takes a turn, or while content is loading. Due to the immersive nature of the advertising, interstitial ads yield high fill rates and CPMs for mobile publishers, while offering positive metrics for advertisers as well.



With AerServ, interstitial ads pack a powerful punch. Include static, rich media, or video ads all through one ad call. Our proprietary yield optimization technology will do the heavy lifting and find the best ad to serve for each user. Make changes easily on the fly, with server-side controls in our UI.

Interstitial Ads?

High Performance & Engagement

Implemented properly, in-app interstitial ads offer advertisers a medium to deeply engage with their audience, and outperform other ad units. Using advanced targeting methods, advertisers get the user’s undivided attention to deliver the right ad, at the right time, to the right user. The result? Better CPMs and fill rates for publishers.


Use AerServ’s unique tools to customize the interstitial ad experience within your app. Choose the ad formats you accept, the advertisers you want to see, how users engage with the advertising, and more.

Lets Get Started

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for AerServ (Free) and add your app
  2. Select Interstitial ADs
  3. Integrate the AerServ SDK