With three simple steps you can get started with AerServ, and – best of all – we’re here for you with superior support every step of the way.

Add Your App

Select An Ad Product

Integrate via Tags or SDK

AesServ SDK

Android & iOS
Mobile Advertising SDK

Our SDK offers Banner and Video advertising options for publishers looking to mediate or improve fill rates and app monetization.

Mobile Ad


Download our plugin and integration
documents for an easy setup

Real-time Bidding

Google Exchange Bidding + AerServ

Mobile publishers using DFP have instant access to the AerServ aerMarket and thousands of premium brand advertising campaigns from leading ad networks, DSPs, Real-Time Bidding, and ad agencies with a single, seamless integration.

What is Exchange Bidding?

  • A new product from Google offered to their DFP publishers
  • Allows publishers to easily activate new programmatic buyers server-side
  • Enables trusted third-party exchanges to compete for publisher inventory in DFP dynamic allocation with a uni
    fied real-time auction
  • Google acts as the demand aggregator and handles payment to the publisher

Why Work with AerServ + DFP?

  • No Additional Overhead
  • Seamlessly Integrate Premium Brand Advertising
  • Augment Your Existing Stack
  • International Demand
Header Bidding

Prebid.js / Header Bidding

Easily integrate AerServ within your header bidding auctions for display and video ads.

Publishers looking to leverage AerServ technology through Prebid.js need to be running the Prebid.js header bidding solution. However, installation and support for Prebid.js is managed by the publisher directly.

At the moment, Prebid.js only applies to desktop and mobile web and won’t work in app (yet). According to, there will be in-app support coming soon. For those looking to use header bidding in-app, AerServ offers OpenAuction.