Header Bidding

AerServ is pleased to offer OpenAuction, a unique technology giving publishers server side header bidding capabilities for in-app environments, and enabling buyers to deliver dynamic pricing at an impression level.

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What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is technology that enables publishers to make their inventory available to multiple buyers simultaneously who can then submit bids, or dynamic prices for the impression. Header bidding enables publishers to capture higher CPMs from buyers, increase fill rate, and improve the competitiveness of their auction.


Dynamic Pricing

Send and receive dynamic pricing for mediation on each ad call


Save Battery

Server side implementation reduces user device battery usage


Save Data

Server side implementation reduces user data usage


Converge Auctions

Converge multiple auctions into a super auction taking into account first price bids

Waterfall vs. Header Auction


Simultaneous Unified Auction

Instead of presenting inventory to each buyer one at a time as in a Waterfall Auction, OpenAuction makes the inventory available to all buyers to maximize bids per impression.


Dynamic Buyer Pricing

Buyers who were previously imprisoned by static CPMs in the ad server are now able to send back a dynamic price, or bid, for each impression in the Header Auction.

AerServ’s OpenAuction technology empowers publishers with
the tools to maximize the value of each ad impression.


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