Mediation That Gets

Ad mediation allows a publisher to optimize their advertising revenue by managing inventory allocation amongst many ad networks, forcing them to compete for the inventory.

AerServ’s mediation platform is a fresh take on a tried and true service: we bring you the highest yielding ad formats, the best ad sources, and innovative technology that ensures you minimize wasted impressions.

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The AerServ mediation platform is designed to give complete power to the publisher.


Mobile first, Video first

At AerServ, we believe mobile video is the future, and you’ll see that in our platform and ads. With CPMs at least 10x when compared to banner, video ads can dramatically boost your mobile revenue.

Full Control

Through our platform, you’ll have full control over your advertising partners. Quickly identify your top and low performers, make changes, and ensure your revenue is always climbing.

1 Integration, So Many Ad Units

Banners, MRAID, videos, or static interstitials? Why choose! With aerWall, we take the hard work out of multiple integrations. Simply integrate our aerWall smart interstitial once and get multiple ad units. Higher fill rate, higher CPM, and higher revenue, with less work!

1 Integration, So Many Partners

Use our beautiful UI to easily manage as many ad networks as you want. Adding and removing network partners is a breeze too. With API integrations, you don’t even need to resubmit to the app stores!

Higher Revenue

Why pick one ad network partner when you can pick 30+? Forcing the ad networks to compete for you inventory is the beauty of mediation.

Higher Fill Rate

Our SDK has robust waterfalling capabilities allowing you to work with multiple ad networks without wasting valuable inventory. Our optimization technology can detect when an ad network doesn’t return an ad, and automatically goes to the next ad network in your priorities.

1 Dashboard

Whether you work with two, ten, or twenty ad sources, you can view detailed metrics inside the AerServ dashboard. Get a comprehensive view of your earnings and performance, and use our enhanced reporting to get actionable insights lightning fast.

Targeting / Control

With AerServ mediation, you get to call the shots. Use GEO, operating system, or device targeting to fine tune your ad source allocation to best suit the needs of your app & business.

Best in Class Customer Support

At AerServ, we care about your success and experience with our product. No matter the issue, you have a team of mobile experts ready to help. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you have a pain-free and seamless experience with AerServ.

Keep 100% of the revenue

They’re your ad sources – you keep the revenue. All of it! AerServ doesn’t charge any commission or revenue share when you serve an ad through your ad sources in mediation!

Robust Reporting

Slice and dice your data to identify trends and get reporting that matters. View reports by ad source, GEO, placement, ad unit, and much more.

Global Coverage

Many ad networks have a region of strength – maybe they have good fill rates in the US, but nothing in Europe. Work with more ad sources, ensuring a greater percentage of coverage around the World.

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Building a business is hard – monetizing your users shouldn’t be.

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