Rewarded Video

Reward video, or virtual currency, is a way for developers to integrate ads into their app that incentivizes the user with in-app coins or currency for watching the ad.

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Triple Win

With rewarded video, everyone wins. The user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertiser has the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays resulting in high performance, and the publisher earns more revenue.

Keep Users Engaged And Happy

Using rewarded video will improve user engagement, as users will continue their in-app experience using the currency they’ve earned.

Non-Intrusive Ads

With rewarded video, the user chooses when to view ads. Their experience in the app isn’t interrupted or broken.

Monetize The 95% Of Non-IAP Users

Research shows the vast majority of users (over 95%) won’t pull out their wallet for an in-app purchase (IAP). With rewarded video, you can monetize the rest of your non-paying user base.

Other Ad Formats

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The traditional banner is the most widely used, and sought after, ad format on mobile devices. With multiple banner ad sizes, and multiple integration options, AerServ makes it easy for you to monetize your mobile app or site with banners. Combine that with deep targeting parameters like lat/long, channels, and demo targeting, and you get a winning combination. Start monetizing with banners today!

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