DataServ | Data Monetization

You now have the power to monetize your app or site, as well as your user data
– all in one system.



What is DataServ

AerServ DataServ seamlessly connects your data with marketers, while ensuring the
data is not personally identifiable, safe, and secure. DataServ for publishers is a new
income stream that requires little-to-no time or management to generate revenue.


Data Distribution

Once your data is uploaded, it requires no additional management from you. Leave it to us to make it secure, compliant, and revenue generating. Additionally, one agreement is all you need to both monetize impressions and data with AerServ – setting up a full lifecycle monetization of your users.



Data Handling

Send us your data file and we encrypt and store it. We manage billions of data points per day and can manage records of any size and most formats. We will even work with you beforehand to ensure there are no data delivery issues so you maximize your monetization.


The Guarantee

AerServ utilizes the most secure encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. Rest assured that the data associated with DataServ monetization cannot be reverse engineered.

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