AerServ is a mobile video SSP and mediation platform that enables developers to manage their mobile video inventory, while also providing them with the tools and support they need to integrate, manage, and sell their advertising. In this article, we take a look at the typical lifecycle of a new AerServ publisher as they start working with the best-in-class mobile video platform.

Acclimate with AerServ

Welcome to AerServ – a place where you, the publisher, can fully optimize and monetize your apps or mobile sites to maximize your mobile advertising revenue. If you’ve thought about joining our platform or created your AerServ account already, we’re off to a solid start!

First, you’ll select which ad units to integrate into your app. AerServ offers a variety of ad units:

  • aerWall is a full screen ad unit that is typically used for rewarded video, video interstitials, or static interstitials.
  • aerBanner is a standard banner ad unit of any standard IAB size.
  • aerVideo is video only and typically used for pre-roll, interstitial, or native vide ad units.

For in-app, choose from aerWall, aerVideo or aerBanner; for mobile web, choose from aerBanner or aerVideo.

A PLC will be created for each ad unit, and acts as the unique ID per placement to call AerServ for an ad. The inventory tab within AerServ’s UI is the library where all of your products and PLC IDs will be created and stored.

For our aerMarket ad exchange, your PLC’s will be processed, trafficked, and allocated to campaigns within one business day. In addition, a more in-depth process will begin to allocate additional demand to your inventory, which can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks.


Integrating with our SDK is simple. AerServ’s lightweight SDK is designed for ad mediation and aerMarket. By integrating, you can expect to see: 4x higher average video fill rate than with VAST tag, 3x higher average banner fill rate than with JavaScript tags, higher banner CPM than with non-SDK integration, and 50% higher CPMs with SDK-enabled VPAID ads. Our ad solution also uses simultaneous ad calls, as opposed to sequential waterfalls, resulting in a 3X reduction in latency.

We also offer API and tag based integration options for publishers where a SDK is not feasible.

Refer to our AerServ Support page where all of the reference documents can be found to help you successfully integrate.

Take a Test

While your PLCs are being trafficked on our end, verify that you are able to see an ad by using our test PLCs found on the SDK & Tags tab. You can expect to see a house ad pop up. If you have any questions about testing, contact us for help at

Now it’s time for your PLCs to go live. Pass as many parameters as possible, especially lat/long, Ad ID, cache buster for in-app and lat/long, URL, cache buster for mobile web. These macros will increase your fill rate and CPM as they pass along crucial information to buyers. The more you can pass, the better!

Send traffic to our top-performing GEOs: U.S., UK, Australia and Canada to help with optimization. But what if you’re sending from other countries?

Maximizing Revenue with Mediation

What is ad mediation? For those new to this concept, mediation is the process of allocating your inventory among multiple buyers, matching the right ad networks with a publisher’s inventory and geographic preferences. This allows you to maximize fill rates, CPMs, and sell more of your inventory. For example, if the first ad network doesn’t have an ad available, the mediation layer will move onto the next ad network until your request is filled.

Getting set up with AerServ mediation is a quick process. Our self-serve mediation platform allows you to add ad sources that you have a direct relationship with, allowing you to maintain first-party connections with your buyers. AerServ offers support for over 35 different ad networks and exchanges, the ability to add buyers via VAST, and continues to add more networks for publishers to take advantage of.

Going on Auto-Pilot

Once your ad networks are setup, the real time efficiencies begin. With AerServ, you don’t have to worry about monitoring fill rates and CPMs from each of your buyers. Our Auto-Pilot feature automatically optimizes each of your ad network waterfalls towards the optimal yield, fill rate, and CPM. Say goodbye to daily management and adjustments of waterfalls.

Let’s Go Live

Once you’ve set your unique PLCs live, allow 1-2 weeks for full optimization and approvals. AerServ’s dynamic real-time reporting system allows you to navigate through the metrics easily. Sort by canned reports (by date, Ad Source, Geo etc.) or create your own custom views by adding a new report. You’ll be able to review the numbers to set the scale and maximize.

Power to the Publisher

Add more inventory, create ad sources and manage your reporting – don’t forget, we’re here to help in any way possible! Welcome to AerServ, where you are in control of maximizing your mobile ad revenue.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!