Last week, AerServ and STRATA announced a strategic partnership to help ad buyers add premium mobile video inventory at any stage of their advertising campaigns. We caught up with Andrew Gerhart, Chief Operating Officer at AerServ to understand more about AerServ’s contribution to the video ad tech industry, including the programmatic and header-bidding technology market.

Andrew Gerhart
Andrew Gerhart, COO- AerServ

MTS: How deep are you into programmatic? How do you see ad tech changing/evolving further as the programmatic market grows big?

Andrew Gerhart (AG): Programmatic is ingrained into everything we do at AerServ. It is deeply embedded into our technology, strategy, publisher platform, and advertiser relationships. We’ve seen the ad tech market evolve considerably over the past 5 to 10 years as programmatic has grown on the desktop, mobile, and TV. Media spend is still shifting towards programmatic, but some reports show programmatic spend as high as 60% or more, which is phenomenal.

From a mobile perspective, the continued rise in programmatic spend will result in fundamental shifts in the way existing ad serving technologies work together (ex: shift to header bidding).

MTS: When you talk of improved mobile video viewability, what are the factors you consider?

AG: At AerServ, we want to bring brand advertising budgets to the mobile in-app environment. The marketers controlling ad spend for large brands want to know a few basic things, among others: where are my ads being shown (brand safety, relevant properties, etc), were the ads seen by real users (not bots/fraud), were the ads actually viewed (viewability), and if the ad was a video, was the ad actually heard (audibility).

The wonderful thing about in-app advertising is that with most video ad units, they are full screen and the advertiser receives 100% SOV and engagement with the user. Our internal inventory quality team works hard with AerServ publishers to ensure ads are integrated properly and measurement is implemented, resulting in viewability scores well above industry benchmarks.

MTS: Do you also consult OEMs to help you with the technology?

AG: AerServ relies on industry trusted viewability vendors such as MoatDoubleVerify, and Integral Ad Science.

MTS: How is mobile marketing changing with video formats? 

AG: Marketers have the tools to reach all new levels of user engagement and connection.  By nature, mobile devices are very personal, and therefore the advertiser has a chance to connect with a user personally with their brand message.  From an ad integration perspective, mobile allows marketers to tie their brand message directly to a positive experience.

via AerServ

Rewarded video integrations allow the brand to “rescue” a user, allowing them to continue gameplay in exchange for watching a brief sponsored message.  From a creative perspective, the mobile video offers advanced interactive capabilities, and new formats like vertical video and 360 video offer marketers enhanced performance.

MTS: Investments into video formats are still negligible compared to other martech categories. What is that one thing you would say about videos that CMOs should listen-heed-and buy?

AG: You get out what you put in. Taking the time and resources to produce video advertisements – whether they be standard ads, vertical video formats, or interactive units – will undoubtedly result in better performance.

MTS: Thank You, Andrew, for answering our queries. This was informative and we hope to see you back on MarTech Series very soon.

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