Introducing Awesome New Features

Here’s a quick update of all of the new features we’re bringing you to help
you raise those bottom lines!

Custom JavaScript (JS)

Publishers can now traffic their own Custom JS tags within the AerServ Mediation Platform!

  • Work with ANY buyer, ad network, or demand partner using JS tags.
  • See reporting at a campaign level instead of via just aerMarket.

Private Marketplaces for Publishers (PMP)

Publishers are now able to sell their inventory directly to a select number of programmatic buyers.

  • Capitalize on greater ad spend from top brands!
  • Arm your sales team with the best programmatic technology.

What else is coming soon?

Ad Pods

This feature will allow publishers to take a single ad slot and present the user with multiple videos back to back, like commercials during a show on television.

Publisher Referral Program

Are you connected to other app developers? Introduce them to the AerServ team and earn a % of the aerMarket revenue they generate!


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Happy Monetizing,
AerServ Team