The holiday season is upon us! Are you ready to take advantage of the rising Q4 ad spend? Read on for our tips and tricks to help you earn the most ad revenue with AerServ this holiday season!

Bursts & the Rush

During the holiday season, we see a steady climb in overall demand, in the general range of a 50% increase from buyers. This comes in two ways: 1) an overall increase in spend as marketers look to reach engaged audiences, and 2) burst campaigns around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and leading up to Christmas.

To really take advantage of these premium brand campaigns, it is important that you expose all of your inventory to marketers. If you are using an ad server or mediation platform with a “waterfall” approach (priority 1, then priority 2, then priority 3, etc), programmatic buyers may only get to see a small portion of your inventory. Fix this by moving AerServ tags to the top of your waterfall, or close to it, to ensure buyers have full access to the inventory for Holiday spend.


Do you use frequency capping? Make sure your settings aren’t hindering monetization opportunities with frequency caps that are too tight!

Double check your frequency capping at the placement level and reach out to your AerServ account manager if you have any concerns.


Are you running banner ads? Make sure your refresh intervals are configured properly to take advantage of excess banner demand. What is the ideal refresh interval? This varies by app, but we typically suggest 15-30 seconds for mobile to capitalize on excess banner demand this holiday season.


The power of mobile is in the details. Marketers want to target specific audiences and demographics – they want to target by gender, age, location, interest, spending habits, and more. If you have audience data about your users, pass it through to AerServ and you’ll capture 30% higher CPMs, on average.

Video Ads

More and more buyers are moving to video, are you ready for it? Marketers have seen the power of mobile video for campaign performance, and are moving more and more budgets towards video and away from other units. AerServ can help you integrate video into your site or app through rewarded video placements, pre-roll, interstitial video, or native placements. With video you’ll see an average of 5x higher CPMs, and capture more holiday ad spend!

The AerServ SDK

Make sure that you’ve integrated the AerServ SDK for high-paying VPAID, MRAID, and Viewability-verified demand campaigns. You won’t be able to access these types of campaign dollars through tags (darn!).

If you already have the AerServ SDK, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version to ensure access to these campaigns, as well as awesome new fixes and features. We’re constantly making improvements to help you earn more, so you’ll want to take advantage of these updates!

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We hope these tips help you make the most out of the holiday season!