AerServ Ad Pods

We’re proud to announce that AerServ has released support for Ad Pods.  This unique feature gives publishers the ability to display multiple video ads that play back-to-back within a single ad placement, similar to a commercial break that you’d see on TV.

Ad Pods?

1) More Impressions per User

With Ad Pods, publishers can increase the number of ad impressions without increasing the number of app users. With a three-ad ad pod, publishers can gain 3x the impressions from a single user and content stream. And more impressions leads to…

2) Higher eCPM per User

With multiple impressions served per ad opportunity, ads pods will lead to higher eCPM and overall revenue per user. But that’s not the best part…

3) User Experience

You don’t have to worry about harming the user experience. Reports have shown that viewers are more engaged by a TV-like ad experience, resulting in higher VTRs and CTRs. Read on for best practices and how to preserve the user experience when utilizing Ad Pods.


Ad Pods?

When setting up a new ad placement, you have the option of showing a single ad or an ad pod within AerServ ad products aerWall and aerVideo. You can also configure ad pod settings such as number of ads, max duration, and skippability.

For more information on ad pod settings, check out our Wiki Page.

Learn more about how to set up an ad pod here: How do I set up an Ad Pods placement?


Best Practices/Optimization

Try Mid-Roll for Ad Performance

To increase user engagement and boost ad performance (VTR and CTR), situate your ad pod placement within a content stream as a mid-roll ad to create a more TV-like ad experience. Mid-roll ad pods tend to perform close to 30% better than pre-rolls when it comes to ad pods. What’s the Importance of Mobile Video CTR and VTR?

Perfect for Rewarded Video

Ad pods are a perfect fit for rewarded video placements where the user opts-in to the advertising experience.  Utilizing ad pods from AerServ, publishers can set up and deliver multiple ads within one ad session, with the possibility of doubling their eCPM.