We are continuously growing our reach and aiming to connect our publishers with the best resources available. We are so happy to announce our newest partnership with Tapjoy, the leading mobile marketing automation platform.

According to MobileMarketing, the partnership “will enable app developers to leverage mediated ad demand in conjunction with advanced tools aimed at improving ROI and giving marketers a more refined set of targeting methods than previously available. The combination will drive optimal ad pricing and fill rates, while also ensuring that existing and predicted paying customers are not distracted by ads.”

We recognize that as the market for mobile video advertising grows, it is becoming increasingly important for app developers to have the best-in-class tools required to monetize the format effectively. Tapjoy’s platform provides an innovative approach to personalizing the content experience for every app consumer, and we are excited to include AerServ’s best-in-class video ad mediation with Tapjoy’s platform to offer app developers a powerful monetization solution.

Through this new AerServ/Tapjoy partnership, app publishers have complete access to Tapjoy’s LTV Infrastructure for yield management of contextual marketing messages and ad demand from a variety of third-party ad sources. Publishers are able to analyze consumer behavior in real-time, segment based on historical or predicted in-app spending, and surface the optimal advertising mix for non-spending consumers. Tapjoy’s SDK seamlessly integrates AerServ’s SDK to allow app developers to serve ad demand from any number of third-party ad networks, based on fill-rate and overall eCPM performance.

The most powerful analytics tools are free to you when you monetize your app with Tapjoy. They’ve blended advanced predictive analytics, data science and user segmentation to maximize the value of every user for freemium mobile app publishers. Their mission is to drive deeper engagement and optimize revenue from every user.

Sound like music to your ears? Sign up with Tapjoy now or contact an AerServ sales rep for more information!