Media and advertising agencies to extend their broadcast message via unified brand-safe SaaS developed by STRATA for AerServ’s premium mobile video inventory reaching millions of devices.

In our MarTech Series Primer article last month, I mentioned about CMOs not being proactive enough towards investing in video marketing technologies as they should be. It’s 2017—and it’s hard to neglect the impact video marketing technologies and programmatic buying strategies can have on churning more out of martech investments, especially for Mobile-first and social media businesses. One of the quickest ways to earn ROI from video inventories is to broadcast them on local TV.

Choosing the right vendor that help businesses leverage video inventories profitably remained a challenge for long. But now, the woes are over since AerServ decided to partner STRATA, bringing best-in-class mobile ad inventory to local broadcast TV and programmatic ad buyers.

STRATA, the leading media SaaS buying and selling platform, announced its partnership and integration with mobile ad tech management and SSP AerServ. The latest ad tech deal provides ad agencies and publishers seamless access to STRATA’s clients utilize AerServ’s unified mobile video platform for engaging customer experience. STRATA users will be able to access AerServ OpenAuction, a highly sophisticated header bidding technology built especially for in-app environments. This helps advertisers and publishers achieve higher bidding rates at much-reduced latency.

By partnering AerServ, STRATA intends to make it easier for buyers purchasing local campaigns to also put those commercials on apps viewers might be using, extending the reach of campaigns.

“The value of the partnership is there’s a lot of local broadcast buyers that sometimes are looking for more ways to make sure they’re getting the message out and getting their advertising seen in the markets they want to be seen, so we offer them guaranteed inventory, competitive priced inventory,” said Josh Speyer, CEO at AerServ.

More consumers are using apps, and they are highly engaged, he said. Buyers can retarget viewers and reach them, via AerServ’s mobile and second-screen apps. “We are happy to be working with STRATA to unlock the potential of mobile for their clients,” Speyer said.

“Through our partnership, STRATA buyers will be able to easily add premium mobile video to any of their campaigns, extending reach to millions of smartphone/tablet users,” said Judd Rubin, senior VP of STRATA. “STRATA remains committed to partnering with the best providers across the ad-tech industry, and our relationship with AerServ is a further example of this goal.”

The thousands of apps offered by AerServ are available in more than 200 designated market areas and generate more than 60 billion ad opportunities each month. The ads are full-screen and feature 99% viewability and an 85% ad completion rate, AerServ says.

In addition to accessing AerServ’s instantly available mobile app inventory for video formats, publishers on STRATA can also plug into more than 35 different ad networks, powered by real-time, in-depth analytics on the performance of each video campaign.

Spreyer informs, “With mobile and second screen usage as ubiquitous as television, apps are an ideal channel for advertisers’ to connect with highly engaged audiences.”

Blending the scale of our mobile and second screen audience with the specificity of targeting now possible, we make it possible to extend the reach and penetration of broadcast advertising to a captive audience within brand-safe environments. We are happy to be working with STRATA to unlock the potential of mobile for their clients.”

By its own admission, AerServ provides access to world-class video advertisers via aerMarket Ad Exchange. The latest partnership with AerServ follows an alliance with DSP provider DOmedia to automate its Out-of-Home advertising and media buying process in the US market. STRATA also has several current partnerships in addition to AerServ and DOmedia, such as with Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Hulu.

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