AerServ is excited to announce support for the leading open source header bidding platform, Prebid.js. With this release, Publishers using Prebid.js will be able to include AerServ within their header bidding display and video auctions. Historically, header bidding has been shown to increase yield and revenue for publishers by addressing two fundamental problems:

1. Ad servers primarily use sequential waterfalls for ad serving logic, wherein a publisher prioritizes their buyers and campaigns, and the ad server attempts to retrieve an ad from each one in order, one by one.
2. Ad servers primarily use static pricing, where a publisher has to enter a static price for the buyer or campaign.
The AerServ technology enables publishers to reap the benefits of header bidding technology, but apply it to their full stack. Adding the Prebid.js support extends this technology to provide publishers with yet another way to leverage AerServ’s simultaneous server-side ad calls that compete within a single unified auction thereby maximizing ad revenue for the publisher.

Publishers looking to leverage AerServ technology through Prebid.js need to be running the Prebid.js header bidding solution. However, installation and support for Prebid.js is managed by the publisher directly.

At the moment, Prebid.js only applies to desktop and mobile web and won’t work in app (yet). According to, there will be in-app support coming soon. However, for those looking to use header bidding in-app, AerServ offers OpenAuction.

Please contact us to request more information to learn more about our solution for in app header bidding.

Publishers who already have Prebid.js running simply need to plug AerServ into their Prebid auction by following the steps outlined here.

For more information about prebid.js adapters visit (