AerServ, the leading ad management technology and SSP for mobile publishers and advertisers, today announced the launch of OpenAuction, the first open call auction technology developed specifically for mobile publishers and app developers to take advantage of increased advertiser demand provided by header bidding.

OpenAuction utilizes industry standards, rules based technology and instant decisions to bring the same benefits of header bidding for desktop publishers to mobile app publishers. Open call auctions and dynamic pricing results in increased inventory for potential buyers and increased revenue for publishers.

“Other players that have just carried over desktop-based header bidding capabilities to mobile don’t provide publishers a unified and holistic solution,” explains Josh Speyer, CEO at AerServ (pictured top left). “The OpenAuction server-side header bidding product is specifically designed for mobile app developers, taking into account the importance of latency, device and data usage, ad network SDKs, and more.

“Core to OpenAuction’s revenue-driving power is its ability to make simultaneous ad calls into all programmatic buyers to identify the highest potential bidder. With industry standards such as dynamic pricing protocols layered in, publishers and app developers have a complete solution to tackle mobile’s complex monetization challenges.

“By working universally with all publishers on the AerServ mediation platform, we are unlocking the potential of mobile in the same way that desktop publishers have been doing for years.”

OpenAuction is available to all publishers on the AerServ inventory management and ad serving platform. The new in-app bidding solution allows publishers and developers to make simultaneous ad calls into all programmatic buyers and identify the highest potential bidder at an impression level. Additionally, the solution leverages industry standards such as dynamic pricing protocols and ensures that the demand meets the app developer’s business rules such as price floors, brand safety guidelines, creative blocks, and more.

Benefits of OpenAuction:

-Ability to send and receive dynamic pricing on each ad call from all ad sources

-Server side auction mechanics reduces latency

-Server side implementation reduces end user’s device battery usage

-Server side implementation reduces end user’s data usage

-Ability to converge multiple auctions into a super auction taking into account first price bids

The demand for inventory in mobile applications by advertisers, especially brand video advertisers, has grown exponentially in the last few years. The AerServ managed solution works with mobile publishers to introduce smarter and more advanced technologies that will benefit both buyers and sellers in the mobile advertising market.


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