Rewardable & InboxDollars See Dramatic Revenue Increase with AerServ Ad Pods

Like all mobile app publishers, Rewardable and InboxDollars experience the ongoing challenge of increasing Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) without sacrificing User Experience (UX). The proper ad implementation, guided by an optimization-focused and versatile ad-tech provider, is crucial to achieving a healthy balance between monetization and UX. Both Rewardable and InboxDollars understood the need for intelligent ad integration and chose AerServ to help them find that balance.

“Balancing ad monetization and user experience can be like walking a tight rope – a fine line to balance. Especially in mobile app environments, ads need to be integrated intelligently. AerServ’s innovative ad pods has been a huge help.”

Peter Komassa – Rewardable, Co-Founder

AerServ quickly introduced the right mix of ad-serving tech and innovative ad formats, allowing Rewardable and InboxDollars to see dramatic increases in metrics like ARPDAU, eCPM, and Fill Rate – all while preserving UX.


Increase Revenue per User Without Sacrificing User Experience (UX)

Most publishers are stuck using sequential waterfall ad-serving technology that calls a single ad per placement. In this model, they’re forced to prioritize advertisers and campaigns at a static price point, while the ad server attempts to retrieve an ad from each one, in order, one by one. The result? Inefficiencies in the auction, daily operations, and missed revenue opportunities.

While working with other ad-serving technologies, Rewardable and InboxDollars were no strangers to the inefficiencies of waterfall logic. Switching to AerServ’s OpenAuction simultaneous ad calls was a simple way to maximize revenue without affecting UX. AerServ moved Rewardable and InboxDollars away from static price points, allowing them to capture those missed revenue opportunities per ad call.

Taking it a step further, AerServ reviewed other opportunities for increasing ARPDAU and introduced Ad Pods to the OpenAuction equation. Ad Pods leverage elements within the IAB VAST standard to pull multiple ads in single ad request giving Rewardable and InboxDollars a chance to mirror the television ad experience consumers have grown accustomed to for the past 50 years. Now, both publishers are able to present more advertisements per ad placement without sacrificing UX.