We covered AerServ’s latest technology—Ad Pods. The Ad Pods give publishers the ability to display multiple video ad units that play back-to-back within a single in-app ad placement — similar to commercial breaks seen on TV. We interviewed Andrew Gerhart, COO at AerServ to gain deeper insights into Ad Pods and the value they add to the programmatic video advertising ecosystem.

MTS: How is Ad Pod by AerServ unique to video advertising? 

Andrew Gerhart (AG): The Ad Pod has been used in television for years, and unique in that other ad formats don’t appear in the same sequential fashion. We are all accustomed to seeing multiple ads before, or during, television content. Ad Pods extends this format to mobile devices, and all of digital, to maximize user engagement and connect brands with potential customers.

MTS: Who is the primary customer of Ad Pod– DSP or SSP advertisers?

Forced to choose one, I would say that the primary customer for Ad Pods are publishers.  Ad Pods gives publishers the ability to insert multiple ads in the user-initiated video ad experience, maximizing the value of the overall ad opportunity.  That said, the benefits of ad pods extend to both advertisers and publishers.

MTS: How do Ad Pods help advertisers manage and increase ad loads? 

Ad Pods primarily help publishers manage their ad experiences and increase overall ad revenue potential.  On the advertiser side, it helps extend television ad experiences to mobile devices and the second screen, capturing user attention when they are fully engaged and uninterrupted.

Ad Pods by AerServ
Ad Pods by AerServ

MTS: How do Ad Pods enhance customer experience for opt-in subscriptions on mobile? 

This TV-like ad experience (the one Ad Pod delivers) is best served in pre-roll, mid-roll, or rewarded video placements where the users opt-in to the advertising experience.

For example, if a user is accessing a game app and asked to opt-in to view a video ad in exchange for rewards (gold coins, etc.), and the user agrees (opts in), then Ad Pods provides the best video format for users within this situation/environment.

MTS: Will this new technology help brands enhance their safety of content and audience experience? If yes, how?

Ad Pods alone do not change brand safety or the ad experience, but they are typically delivered in user-initiated, high-quality ad placements where multiple ads are acceptable. AerServ uses other tools and internal policies to ensure advertisements are only rendered in premium, brand safe environments.

Thank You, Andrew, for helping our readers to understand how Ad Pods work with video advertising platforms.


*This post originally appeared on martechseries.com