Mobile Banner Advertising

Still the most popular and widely used ad unit around the world, mobile banner ads offer publishers a consistent base for their ad monetization strategy, and buyers across the globe. Use AerServ to monetize every user with easy, lightweight banner ads across your app or site.

Banner Ads

What are banner ads?

A banner, also referred to as a display ad, is a traditional advertising ad unit commonly found across all platforms and operating systems. These ads, which can either be flat, static images, or dynamic, and use rich media, come in a large variety of sizes. From the smaller 320×50 banner ads, to their larger full screen counterparts, banners offer advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences at scale, and publishers the ability to monetize their inventory efficiently.

Banner Ads

Why use
banner Ads?


Getting started with banner ads couldn’t be easier. Sign up for free at AerServ, integrate our lightweight code, and tap into massive banner demand.

Global Demand

Your users are global – you need demand that is global. Banner ads provide the most reliable and consistent demand worldwide, regardless of country, device capabilities, or Internet connection speed.


Banner ads integrate easily into most mobile apps, allowing you to start generating ad revenue quickly. Let AerServ’s monetization experts help you find the right ad placement to maximize success.


With AerServ, access hundreds of AerMarket programmatic display buyers, or use AerServ mediation to tap into your favorite mediated banner ad networks.

Lets Get Started

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for AerServ (Free) and add your app
  2. Select Interstitial ADs
  3. Integrate the AerServ SDK