aerMarket Ad Exchange

Monetize Your Mobile App with Premium Brands. The aerMarket exchange connects mobile publishers to premium brand advertisers. Developers can monetize their ad inventory through open and private marketplace campaigns, yielding the highest CPM for each impression.

From Local to Fortune 500 Brands

Premium Brand Advertising

aerMarket brings you access to the world’s leading DSPs, agency trading desks, and advertisers through a single integration. Access a wide array of advertisers, from local businesses, to the world’s leading Fortune 500 brands.

Automation, With a human touch

Automation + Your Team

The programmatic pipes do the heavy lifting, but our dedicated account management and yield optimization specialists are the icing on the cake. Our team is hands on from go, working tirelessly to ensure your inventory is monetized perfectly.

The Tools and Control you need

Full Control & Brand Safe

Take control of your advertising. Set and manage price floors. Use server-side tools to control which advertisers access your inventory, ensuring the advertisers are brand-safe and high quality.

Instantly connected to everyone

Global Demand

Get instant access to a global mix of demand – from the world’s largest DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, and exchanges. With one integration you can have buyers filling your inventory in the US, Europe, Latin America, or any other GEO.

Increased Fill rates & CPMs

Increased Competition

With multiple bidders in each auction, increased competition leads to increased fill rates and CPMs.

Unique PMP Deals

Open + Private Market Deals

Sell your inventory in the open marketplace, finding the highest bidder for each impression. aerMarket also brings you unique private marketplace (PMP) deals, curating unique demand from advertisers looking to find specific audiences in-app.

It’s Free

How To Get Started

Add Your App

Select An Ad Product

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The product increases our revenue substantially compared to standard waterfall solutions. Customer service is swift and informative.

David L.Programmatic & Partnerships at Timehop
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