Ad Pods
Back-to-back video ads

AerServ Ad Pods give s publishers the ability to display multiple video ads within a single ad placement – similar to a commercial break that you’d see on TV.

Ad Pods

Not enough ARPDAU?

With Ad Pods on AerServ, publishers can increase the Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) without sacrificing user experience.

Ad Pods

Increase eCPM by 2x – 4x+

Ad Pods within the AerServ platform has driven substantial increases for mobile publishers. Multiple impressions served per ad opportunity can lead to a 2x-4x eCPM.

An Experience Users Expect

Studies have shown viewers are more engaged by a TV-like ad experience, leading to improved VTRs and CTRs.

Rewarded Ad Pods

Yep, you can combine Rewarded Video ads with Ad Pods to generate even more engagement and revenue from your users.